[100% OFF] Instagram Growth Masterclass + Example (124,493 Followers)

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Learn how to market your brand on Instagram.

If you are looking to grow your brand’s presence on Instagram (follower count, engagement, etc) this masterclass is for you.

We go into detail on how to grow your Instagram account and make it a core channel for your business by using a number of tactics that include partnerships, collaborations, influencer marketing, giveaways, and incentivized actions.

The content taught in this course has been put together from 4+ real live example case studies that used these marketing tactics to make Instagram a core marketing channel from a single campaign.

We share the exact brands, stats, and campaigns used to achieve this.

Teacher – Jack Paxton, Founder of Top Growth Marketing and Co-Founder of VYPER and HYAX.

Featured – Foundr Magazine, A Better Lemonade Stand, Social Media Examiner, Shopify & more marketing publications.


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