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10 Best Golf Bag Under 100

If you are looking for the best golf bag under 100, then look no further. With this list of the top 10 golf bags, you will find a bag that is sure to fit your needs and budget!

Golfing is quite an expensive sport to be involved in mainly because it requires equipment. Although some equipment like golf balls can be reused after a certain amount of time has passed since they were hit last, other items like the golf bag have to be purchased all over again. Some people even go as far as saying that this is why golfing is considered such an expensive sport.

A lot of people believe that when you buy your first golf bag, it is the most important investment to make. After all, when you are out on the course, it is your golf bag that provides you with a place to store your clubs and other items while you are not using them.

A good golf bag should be sturdy enough to support your equipment, but should also allow for easy access to said equipment. Besides being durable, the best golf bags even have features such as legs that prevent them from sinking into wet grass or sand while in use. The more bells and whistles a golf bag has to offer, the higher its price will most likely be.

Below We have put together some reviews for some affordable yet high-quality bags so that finding one can be taken off of your list of things to worry about. We found these reviews by doing a lot of research and testing to find the best possible golf bags under 100 for you to choose from!

Top 10 Best Golf Bag Under 100

  1. PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag
  2. Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag
  3. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag
  4. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag
  5. Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag
  6. Mayjooy Golf Stand Bag 
  7. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag
  8. GYMAX Golf Stand Bag
  9. Sunday Golf Bag
  10. CHAMPKEY Golf Stand Bag


Reviews of Best Golf Bag Under 100

1. PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag


There are many different kinds of golf bags on the market, but this one stands out because of its quality. It has been designed with water-resistant material and a lightweight frame to make carrying it easy. This bag also boasts 14 dividers to fit all of your clubs, as well as 14 pockets to hold all of your other items like tees, balls, and markers! You will never have to worry about not having enough space for all of your things with the PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Stand Bag.

The look of the PowerBilt TPS Dunes Stand Bag makes it a great addition to any golf bag collection. It comes in two different color variations: black/red. The material that is used to make this bag is both water-resistant and lightweight, making it a sturdy option. This is a great choice because it can hold the weight of all of your clubs, as well as any other items you decide to bring with you on the course.

The PowerBilt TPS Dunes Golf Bag has been made with comfort in mind. It features a design that allows for easy access to your most-used clubs and also has several vent holes located on its legs and sides so that air circulates throughout the bag more easily. The bottom padding on this golf bag makes it comfortable enough to set down even when the ground is wet or hot from being in direct sunlight. This golf stand bag will not let you down!


2. Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag


Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag is a golf bag all golfers want to have. The construction of this golf bag is made with durable and lightweight materials which provide users with an easy way of transport. This bag also features a carrying sling, padded strap, multiple pockets, and zippered hood. Multiple pockets including cooler and valuables pockets make this bag so amazing to purchase.

It has a protective zippered hood, towel ring, and umbrella holder for all golfer’s needs. It has dimensions 8.8” (L) x 13” (W) x 35.5” (H) which is very compact for all size golfers that are trying to find their perfect golf bag. Wide Iron Sole is another key feature that makes this golf bag so perfect for all who want to buy it.

Easy to keep clean and maintain with its polyester materials. Your money will be worth buying Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag because it’s made with durable materials and is easy to use.

Some users have a concern about the size of the bag and how it may not accommodate their items when they are ready to play golf. The zippers on this golf stand bag are a little low-quality, so that’s another disadvantage of having the product. You should check them out before purchasing because I am sure you will need more than for a couple of times.

If you want an affordable and perfect quality golf stand bag, Club Champ Deluxe Stand Golf Bag is the best choice to buy in 2021. This makes it a good option if you want to save your money while buying a high-quality item without sacrificing any feature at all.


3. Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag



Easily carry your stand bag without having to worry about back or shoulder strain with the exclusive SmartGRIP Handle. This lightweight and compact design make it easy to bring the Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag anywhere and everywhere you need to go. This bag is made with a 4-way top for a more secure fit and includes full-length club dividers to keep clubs organized. This golf bag also comes with an umbrella holder, dual straps for easy carriage, as well as a rain hood for any unexpected weather while on the course. The Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag can be used by players of all levels, and the durable construction will ensure that this bag serves you for years to come.

The Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag is a perfect purchase as it is well-constructed and has several storage facilities. The dual straps are helpful when carrying heavy equipment or standing in the middle of a crowded golf course. It also comes with an umbrella holder, which is convenient for the user. Moreover, this golf bag is so lightweight that it can be carried around easily.

However, the Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag could use a couple of improvements in terms of design and durability. It does not have any kind of compartments on the outside or inside to store small items like women’s accessories. Also, the manufacturer could have used a sturdier material in making this golf bag, as it does not seem very durable.


4. Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag



The Tangkula Golf Stand Bag is made of sturdy material, which can be resistant to water. It promises a durable lifetime due to its strong construction. In spite of the size, this golf stand bag offers 6-way dividers and enough space for your clubs with 7 pockets for additional storage space.

The backpack shoulder strap creates a comfortable handle while the special zipper design makes it practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Finally, it comes with an umbrella holder that will make you convenient in many ways especially when you travel on the go.

However, what seems like a perfect purchase isn’t without its flaws. The Tangkula Golf Stand Bag may not have many compartments or zippers on the outside to store your small accessories. Thus, it may be a troublesome issue when you go to the golf course. Also, this bag doesn’t have a lock to keep your things safe while using on the course and traveling with it.


5. Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag

Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag



Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag is the perfect choice for golf lovers. It is made of high-quality environmentally friendly PU fabric with exquisite workmanship and is wear-resistant and durable. The bag itself can avoid any liquid from penetrating, providing maximum protection to your clubs inside the surface layer. There are also two partitions on this goodie’s top which allow it to hold up to 9 sets of clubs!

The structure promises a lifetime service; And Outstanding features: Removable shoulder strap design that makes you able to dispense the pressure by widening or thickening; Portable size which allows you to lug it around in full intensity without worrying about bringing an extra set of clubs everywhere; Jaffik Pitch Golf Bag provides a stable foundation with its stable high-hardness rubber base and sturdy bracket.

It occupies only a small space in the trunk of your camper or car; The golf bag is very suitable for travel, you can easily place it where you want;  You can also give it as a gift to your family or friends who are golf lovers.


6. Mayjooy Golf Stand Bag

Mayjooy Golf Stand Bag



Within not a year on the market, Mayjooy quickly became one of the most trusted brands for all golfers. This is shown through their dedication to serve with top-notch quality and features. If you’re in search of affordability, style, and function in your golf equipment then this bag has it all!

Mayjooy’s Golf Stand Bag offers lifetime service thanks to its durable construction as well as lifetime warranty. The wide range of styles available caters to any individual with the simple beauty meets functionality approach that they take towards designing their products.

With 7 pockets on hand within this 12″ x 8″ x 34″, we have access to separate compartments for our clubs which eliminates tangled club syndrome and allows you quick accessibility when going out to the course. This bag was designed with a backpack-style dual shoulder strap which makes it very comfortable to carry and easily adjust when you’re standing or sitting while playing.

It also comes with an umbrella holder so that you can keep it from getting damaged as well. As far as space is concerned, this bag has a 6-way divider which offers great benefits to the user for efficient storage and organization of your clubs! You get more than just room to fit all your necessary golfing gear in one compact bag.

The lightweight design is made up of water-resistant materials to ensure that the bag can withstand all types of weather while ensuring that your clubs remain dry. It’s also designed to be stable with a non-slip foot which makes it very steady and balanced when in use! The wide variety available ensures we can match any taste and style you’re looking for.

Overall, this golf stand bag is a great product that ensures you have all the right features and benefits in our high-end Mayjooy Golf Stand Bag design with the cost of mid-tier bags. It’s surely one of your most efficient investments!


7. TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag

TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag



The TaylorMade 5.0 ST Stand Bag is made of polyester and weighs 4.5 pounds. The bag has a total of six pockets, one of which is a water bottle sleeve. The remaining pockets are divided into the following sections: putter pockets, club slots, ball pockets, towel loops, drink holder sleeve, and zippered electronics pocket.

The bag also features a removable XL ball pocket for easy access to your golf balls without having to take off your gloves or use both hands to remove them from the bag. Additionally, the bag features a velour-lined dry pocket to provide additional protection for your valuables.

Reviews of this product are positive. Some people commented that the pack is lightweight and provides enough space to fit all the necessary items in it. Other buyers liked that there are many pockets that allow them to store their personal belongings separately. However, some users were disappointed that the smaller pockets are not really deep enough for storing sunglasses.


8. GYMAX Golf Stand Bag

GYMAX Golf Stand Bag



This waterproof golf stand bag is made of high-quality materials to avoid any liquid permeating. And its sturdiness can well up to the additional wear and tear while using it. It surely guarantees you a durable lifetime for its sturdy construction.

The rubber foot pipe bracket prevents scratches which enhances this product’s durability, alongside the non-slip feet that make this bag stable and balanced in all conditions. The backpack-style shoulder strap makes carrying convenient as well as offers an easy handle on the side for quick access.

The 6-way dividers offer adequate space for you to organize your clubs, while the 7 pockets provide additional storage room for accessories. It allows for better overall efficiency with a premium travel helper providing extra assistance and allowing it to be stored neatly when not in use.

A lightweight measuring at only 6lbs and a portable design means that this is the ideal choice for recreational golfers who may be looking to travel with their bags. At 12″ x 8″ x 34″, there’s plenty of space for storing clubs, as well as any added accessories you wish to bring along for the journey.

It is perfect for golfers looking to practice their swing on a whim, or for those who may be in need of an easy way to transport their clubs from place to place.

With the sturdiness and durability that come with its waterproof nature, it’s sure to last you a lifetime through years of use. When not in use, this bag can be stored neatly thanks to its portable, compact body.

If you’re looking for a durable option that will last you through years of regular use, then it can be hard to go wrong with this GYMAX product.

It is the best golf bag under 100 for you to choose from!


9. Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday Golf Bag



The Sunday Golf bag is the best golf bag under 100! With a lightweight design, it can comfortably fit up to 7 clubs without feeling too heavy on your back. There are plenty of extras as well including a valuables pocket to store any important items such as your wallet or keys!

It has a convenient carry handle for easy transport, while still being small enough to be stored neatly when not in use.

With the lightweight design and extra storage features, it’s sure to please any golfer who is simply looking for a way to carry around a few clubs while out on the course.

Lastly, you get the worry-free guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied with this product, then they will take care of it for you. If you’re looking for something both visually appealing and practical at an affordable price point, then this is the perfect choice for recreational golfers!


10. CHAMPKEY Golf Stand Bag

CHAMPKEY Golf Stand Bag



The CHAMPKEY Golf Stand Bag is perfect for weekend golfers who want a bag that can comfortably fit 6-9 clubs without feeling too heavy on their back.

This durable, lightweight bag has 5 pockets to store additional accessories and an aluminum alloy bracket that supports the load well. It’s great for players of all skill levels looking for a stylish option with plenty of pockets and durability at half the weight.

While this bag may not be for everyone, it’s sure to please any golfer looking for a sleek and lightweight option with plenty of storage.


Things to Consider Before Buy The Best Golf Bag

If you are a beginner, you have to ask yourself a question which type of golf bag do I need? Are we going to play in the local courses or travel around for international tournaments? If you only play a couple of rounds per year but are still very serious about improving your game, chances are that the best thing for you is a carry bag.

The reason is that these bags are very lightweight and spacious for beginner golfers. For example, Bosso Tour is designed by a teaching pro who knows how to help beginners learn the game properly.

If you’re planning on playing more rounds of golf this year or plan on playing travel tournaments with your friends then a stand or cart bag will be more convenient and durable. Cart bags are very heavy because they have so many pockets for storage plus the wheels. And stand bags usually come with a strap or trolley option to make transporting it easier.

Best Golf Bag Buying Guide

Still confused?

Here is a short buying guide of the important factors you should know before buying golf bags.

Size and weight:

The first thing you have to check out is your size and weight. If you are tall or overweight then go for a cart bag because it will be more comfortable for longer rounds. Cart bags come in several sizes. At the same time, sizes vary depending on whether they are made for men or women.

Normally four-wheel bags come in small, medium, and large sizes while stand and three-wheel bags have two standard sizes one for men and another for women. Your height can influence your choice as well. For instance, if you are very tall then you will need a bag with longer straps because regular length straps may not be long enough to attach the bag to a trolley or cart. However, there are larger golf bags available such as Lexington and Sun Mountain duffel bags which accommodate taller players.


Golf bag manufacturers have improved their products over the years by incorporating new materials and designs to ensure that the bags are lightweight, durable and waterproof.

The most common material for a golf bag is polyester which is a plastic-based fabric used for clothing, hats or footwear. It’s very strong although it can catch on bushes in thick rough. Polyester fabrics usually have an inner layer of waterproof material and an external layer that is either natural or synthetic leather.

Golf bags made of leather are more durable, comfortable to carry and more stylish than those with polyester fabric. You may find some pro-quality golf bags using genuine leather but they can be very expensive.

Pockets & compartments:

The reason golfers like their golf bags are because they can store all their essential items easily. From your putter to tees, balls to snacks, you will need a little storage for everything that you need during the course of around. Most bags have an accessory pocket with velcro or zipper closure on one side where you can keep scorecards as well as other items such as gloves or snacks. Another important storage for golf bags is the main compartment which is usually large enough to hold a rain jacket, shoes and other items you need for an entire round of play.


The shoulder straps should be padded with air channels inside the pads. They prevent perspiration from penetrating your clothing because it allows air to circulate. Some straps also have airflow channels which allow additional air for cooling and comfort.

Rain hood:

Many golf bags come with rain hoods these days because it’s a must-have during rainy conditions. A rain cover protects your bag from getting wet should you be caught in bad weather while playing golf but still want to complete your game. Worn over the top of your bag, a rain hood is essential for protecting against rainwater as well as sweat and moisture that accumulates on the outside from entering through zippers or openings.


There are many different golf bags available in different ranges of price. Most bags cost between $90 to $150 but some premium brands can cost as much as $1000. Your budget will be a very important factor when it comes to choosing your bag.


These are the best golf bags under 100 dollars in 2021!

Hope you like our list, if so please comment down below what is your favorite golf bag under hundred dollars. Happy Golfing!!

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