Java Programming from Zero to Hero: Java Completed

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Delve into this powerful general purpose programming language to understand a technology that powers much of the Internet–games, online chat features, and more. You’ll master everything from Java syntax to general object-oriented programming principles, and will establish a solid Java programming foundation by course’s end.

  • Get an overview of Java fundamentals w/ over 4 hours of content
  • Become comfortable w/ Java syntax: variables, objects & classes, and more
  • Utilize strings & arrays, methods, and more
  • Master object-oriented programming concepts: inheritance, abstraction, etc.
  • Dive into advanced Java principles: data structures, collections & more
  • Efficiently write Java code by the end of your lessons


Course Outline

  • Java Programming : The Introduction
  • Java Programming : Building Blocks of Java
  • Java Programming : Operators , Loops and Decisions
  • Java Programming : Strings and Arrays
  • Java Programming : Methods Exceptions and File Streaming
  • Java Programming : Object Orientated
  • Java Programming : Advanced
  • Java Programming : The Final Exams
  • Java Programming : The Wrap Up

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